Our Story

The Charleston Symphony Orchestra League, Inc. (CSOL) is a committed group of volunteers who advocate for music education in the Lowcountry.

Our goal is to:

  • Inspire the love of music for generations to come
  • Keep the love of music alive with all ages and generations
  • Support musicians in all stages of their educational journey and
  • Create awareness of and advocate for classical music in our community

The CSOL awards over $30,000 in scholarships a year to ensure access to continued music education for musicians, young and experienced, in the community.  Scholarships are based on merit and include auditions and are awarded to children to further their musical studies during primary and secondary school, to graduating high school students for studies while in college and to professional musicians for advancement of their education while in their careers.

As advocates for orchestral music, the CSOL provides support, both financially for the Charleston Symphony and through volunteer activities such as instrument petting zoos and events where visibility of the CSOL creates awareness for orchestral music and music education.  These events include greeting the community at local marathons, coffee with the maestro and involvement with other arts organizations in the Charleston area as members of the Charleston Symphony family.

Music enriches our lives, it touches our hearts and it inspires creativity and imagination. It is to these goals that the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League, Inc. is dedicated.

Inspiring the love of music for generations to come